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Large Public Photovoltaic Power Generation

The power plant business covers China, Britain, the United States and other Eurasian countries, including design, construction, installation, testing and operation of solar power plants. At the same time we will also sell full solar power stations to third-party buyers and continue to provide paid power plant operations and maintenance services.

EPC Integrated Service

Distributed Power Station

Distributed photovoltaic power generation is used in industrial buildings, commercial buildings, agricultural facilities, municipal public buildings, civil buildings and the concrete, color plate and tile roof met the load requirements as well as the remote farming and pastoral areas, the islands and other less electric areas. The operation way is based on side self power generation self use and surf with extra electricty, equipped with photovoltaic power generation facility with balance adjustment of power distribution system. Distributed photovoltaic power generation follows the principle of local conditions, clean and efficient, scattered allocation, nearby use and make full use of local solar energy resource to replace or reduce fossil energy consumption.



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