Advanced Equipment


Advanced Equipment



Through many years’ accumulation of experience in the photovoltaic components production, as well as the global talent introduction, combined with the innovation of new product technology, Beyondsun Holdings formed the industry-leading production quality management system and becomes a high-tech enterprise intergrating R&D, production, sales and investment.

Science And Technology Innovation


So far, Beyondsun has undertaken dozens of national and local research projects. The company has applied for a total of 60 patents. There were nine types of inventive patents, including 36 authorized patents and five inventive patents.


Beyondsun Holdings has a rich experienced , innovative and high quality international professional R&D team and has built provincial research and development center platform, international photovoltaic test center, R&D workshop and R&D production line.



According to the company’s vertical integration strategy, research and development center has a wide and deep research in high quality silicon materials, high efficiency silicon cell, high power components as well as photovoltaic power generation system, and is actively working with advanced research institutions at home and abroad to make the technology of PV products at the


As a leader among industries, we offer our customers high quality products, with global advanced production equipment. So far we have built long term strategic cooperative partnership with global equipment and materials suppliers.

Beyondsun Holdings pays much attention to the research and development of products, always regards the customer’s requirements as the most important things. The company improves the plan according to customer’s personalized requirement known in the communication with them and offers technical support and value-added services.

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