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Strengthen science and technology innovation; create a bigger and stronger enterprise

On November 23, Qiu Dongyao, the party secretary, Vice mayor Dong Lixin, investigated enterprises in Wuxing District, which promote the steady growth of the industrial economy.

While researching the company, Qiu Dongyao and his team went deep into the production line and inspected the solar cell and component production workshop, and understood the production and operation condition this year in details. President Qiu Xiaoyong accompanied them and reported this year's order fulfillment and development plan for the near and forward.  Qiu Xiaoyong said that the company has made big progress since its launch in 2009. Based on the strategy of science and technology innovation, there are many new products and new technologies developed successfully every year, which maintains a high technical advantage in the industry.At the same time, the company pays attention to international layout, and vigorously develops international markets. Exports of foreign trade have been booming. In the first 10 months of this year, the sales of photovoltaic cells increased by 31.1% from a year earlier, and component sales increased by 75% year-on-year, the highest in the industry. Qiu Dongyao expressed affirmation for the rapid development of the company and at the same time hoped the company can enhance investment in research and development, make scientific development planning, strengthen science and technology innovation and become a bigger and stronger enterprise in near future to win bigger development space.

Qiu Dongyao stressed to the director of the municipal authorities and the head of the district government of the Wuxing District Committee that this year is the first year of the 13th five-year plan, which will keep the growth of the industrial economy stable and the overall situation of the city's catch-up development. It will be a good step for the 13th five-year plan. About a month left before the end of the year, all departments need to further unify their ideas and raise awareness, strengthen the sense of urgency, responsibility and mission and ensure the full completion of the annual target of the industrial and economic development and lay a solid foundation for accelerating the Huzhou development.

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