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Trunsunsolar Energy attends International Solar Power Exhibition in Japan

On March 1 to 3, Qiu Xiaoyong, the president of Beyondsun Holdings, togather with Trunsunsolar Energy and Trunsunsolar Team in Japan, attended International Solar Power Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan. The company’s high efficiency components attracted the industries again.

Famous Japan Solar Power Photovoltaic Exhibition in Asia area is regarded as the ideal platform for developing Japan solar power market, called the world second-largest solar market. The exhibition will pass the latest solar technology, which leads the world's photovoltaic industry, and the latest trends in the industry every time.

International solar cell in this exhibition attracted industries for collection of  the present world BIPV (PV architecture integration) technology. New products brought by China PV enterprise attracted all people’s eyes.

Industry participants has noticed that Japan has become an important market in the promotion of photovoltaic energy such as “new energy project”, “the research and development of 5-year PV power generation technology” and “residential pv system promotion plan”.

At president, China's PV products already have a certain share of the Japanese market in supply of materials and construction. Under pressure of reducing electricity price and the cost of PV power station,  China PV enterprise’s advantages in the cost of manufacture and technology increase its competitiveness in Japan market.

In addition to showing the company's new products and technology, the company also has the better understanding of the Japanese solar market and reached a cooperative intention with more than ten buyers. In particular, the cooperation agreement was established with the Japanese Marubeni Group.

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