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Donglin Town 80MW fishing and complementary complementary photovoltaic power generation programe starts construction

On March 21, Qiu Xiaoyong, president of Beyondsun Holdings, attended the signing ceremony with SUMEC company, which is owned by the national machine group and reached a series of cooperation agreements in Donglin Town Shuanglinyang 80 MW Yuguang complementary power generation program. 80MW fishing and complementary complementary program is integrated with photovoltaic, fishing and tourism to build special photovoltaic ecological project. The project reserves space and land for the development of modern fisheries.Without changing the nature of the land, it will not only realize "win-win" that "can generate electricity and farm at the same time", but drive the development of first, second and third industry  combined with local resource advantages of fishing and tourism through the development of “photovoltaic+”, which acchieves “triple win”.

Photovoltaic power requires a lot of land. But “fishing and photovoltaic complementary” power station make full use of inderwater resources to combine aquaculture and photovoltaic power by scientific arrangement. At the same time, project will focus on combining the popular science base, ecological sightseeing leisure base, youth field development base, integrated in the plan of local countryside entertaining , old-age leisure health, ecological fishery agriculture and diathesis expansion of science popularization education. Special program will be also integrated such as the features of the home stay, the leisure of the forest, fishing and appreciating bird, special fishing zhuang, ecological farming, lotus root planting, photovoltaic science, diathesis, and Huanyang road to maximize the utilization of resources and increase the overall revenue of local resources.

The project adopts advanced and feasible saving power, water saving and saving raw materials in the design to make use of energy and resources in resonable way. The guideline of energy saving and environmental protection was strictly implemented in the design. In the aspects of technical plan, equipment, material selection and construction structure, the requirement of energy saving is fully considered to reduce investment and save land resources. This project design index reached domestic advanced level, laid the groundwork for long-term economic efficient photovoltaic power station running projects, which meets the national industrial policy and comply with sustainable development strategy.

The whole photovoltaic power station install 296296 pieces of 270Wp polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic compenents, whose actual power is 80WMp. The power generation system is used to generate power and centralized grid scheme, which divides the system into 32 pieces of about 2.5MWp photovoltaic grid power generation units.

The development and utilization of solar energy resources is an effective means to adjust the energy structure and implement the sustainable development of energy. The project can improve Huzhou power structure, alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of electric power and promote local economic development, which plays a positive role in promoting Huzhou solar energy industry and has a good social efficiency and the comprehensive economic benefits.

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