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1.On March 22, in the company of related leaders of Wuxing District technology Bureau, Wang Zhifang, director of Huzhou Science and Technology Bureau, visited Beyondsun for investigating science and technology innovation. Yao Chunmei, vice-president of Beyondsun Holdings, introduced recent science and technology work to research group. In the second half of 2016, the company completed a major provincial research project and a major municipal special program, and six provincial new products were approved at the same time. Through research and development, there were two patent licenses for inventions in 2016, and 18 utility patents and four inventions were filed. The 2017 R&D effort will focus on improving the energy conversion of batteries and components and product quality. Five groups of grid cell has entered the small batch trial production, which has reliable technology, better load capacity and lower heat aggregation of welding belt. This greatly improves product durability and third-party tests will be completed in the near future. The next technology development will focus on the development of black silicon and PERC battery technology. Director wang zhifang expressed recognition of the company's moves in scientific and technological innovation and expected that the company can increase investment in research and development, complete technical reserves and contribute to the country’s new energy strategy based on high-tech technology enterprise and provincial research and development center.

2. On April 5, A team of researchers from the provincial government research office together with Yu Haijun came to the company to study the company's operations in the first quarter. Zhao Qingguo, general manager of Beyondsun Holdings Operations Department, and Yu Baixing, deputy general manager of Beyondsun new energy, reported the recent production and business operations as well as company’s measures, investment, technology innovation in response to industry development and policy changes to the research group. Research group also visited cells production line of Beyondsun Photovoltaic.

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