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Donglin town 80 mw fishing light complementary photovoltaic power projects and smoothly

After a one hundred - day crucial battle, on June 28 by Mr Sheng holdings subsidiary huzhou shing-sheng wu Lin electric co., LTD., investment in the construction of 80 mw fishing town of huzhou city donglin light complementary photovoltaic power generation project smoothly connected to the grid.

80 mw fishing light complementary photovoltaic power generation project integrating photovoltaic, fisheries, is its distinctive photovoltaic ecological project.Project for the development of modern fisheries reserved space and land, without changing the nature of the land at the same time, not only to achieve "to power generation, next to the breeding of" win-win ", at the same time, the project combining with local resource advantages, through the development of photovoltaic (pv) + "pattern, linkage the 123 industry development, to achieve the" three win ".

Photovoltaic power generation needs to take up a lot of land, but "fishing light complementary power station is fully submerged resource utilization, through scientific layout, the aquaculture with photovoltaic both solid combination.At the same time, the project focus on combining science base, ecological leisure base, youth, outdoor base and so on, into the local rural amorous feelings to watch entertainment, pension leisure keeping in good health, ecological fishery farming, diathesis developing planning of popular science education and so on each module, to realize integration of the project, the characteristics of the home stay facility, open forest recreation, bird watching, fishing, characteristic yu zhuang, ecological farming, lotus plant, photovoltaic science popularization, quality development, such as ring overflow trails is blended in among them, integrated use of resources to the largest extent, increase the local resources comprehensive income.

Project in the design using advanced feasible power saving, water saving and conservation measures of raw materials, energy and resources reasonable use, strictly carry out the energy saving and environmental protection in the design of the guiding ideology, in the technical scheme, equipment and material selection, structure, etc., give full consideration to the requirements of energy saving, reduced the line investment, save the land resources.Pointer reached domestic advanced level, the project design is laid the groundwork for long-term economic efficient photovoltaic power station running, in line with national industrial policies, in line with the sustainable development strategy, energy saving, water saving and environmental protection.

Project, centralized power generation system adopts block generation (dg) scheme, the system is divided into 27 about 3 MWP pv grid-connected power generation units.This project 25 years operating period is expected to average annual capacity of 73.6733 million kWh, online average annual equivalent hours at full capacity utilization is 920.92 h.

The development and utilization of solar energy resources is to adjust the energy structure, the implementation of effective means for the sustainable development of energy.Huzhou city, after the completion of the project, can improve the power structure, alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of local electric power, promote local economic development, the huzhou electric solar business has a positive role, has the good social efficiency and the comprehensive economic benefits.

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