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Brave innovation tide Written zheshang legend

Late on July 29, zhejiang radio and television group, 800 square meters studio flashing dazzling star science and technology, after nearly a year of layers of recommendation and selection, high-profile eighth "science and technology new zheshang" announced the results of the 10 fresh technology the new zheshang and 10 little giant, the winners or the award on behalf of applause and cheers trophies lifted symbol of innovation and glory.Zhang Hongming, vice President of Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC), zhejiang province, the provincial department of James chow, director of provincial press and publication, NHK ShouJian just, zhejiang daily press group editor-in-chief BaoHongJun, zhejiang radio and television group chief editor Jiang Jun attended the ceremony and the new zheshang awards for the new technology.Mr Sheng holdings chairman Qiu Xiaoyong named "little giant" science and technology, and huzhou city only a awarded entrepreneur.

In overseas business Qiu Xiaoyong chairman in the VCR of pre-recorded, expressed the company cashmere textile industry from the traditional to the emerging solar energy industry development, he said, strict raw material procurement, strict production process, serious quality control, is the key to the success of the bei cashmere Jane.On this basis, the company for the transformation of traditional industries, develop and expand the breakthrough, as a new clean energy, photovoltaic (pv) is the main direction of national energy construction, also is the key to energy conservation and emissions reduction.From photovoltaic solar industry transformation from traditional textile is bei sheng holdings following closely to the development of technology, to actively participate in emerging industries., of course, the development of photovoltaic industry is not plain sailing, in the fierce competition in the market, the eu anti-dumping and make the market bottomed out, Qiu Xiaoyong chairman think companies rely mainly on three aspects, the first is to form a new energy company, to develop the construction of the photovoltaic power station, has now completed construction of nearly 200 megawatts, alleviate the pressure capacity, and building a new economic growth point.The second is increased investment in technology innovation.Mr Sheng holdings in 2016 alone declare for nearly 30 patents.Is now in the plan for super leading technical reserves.The third is the layout of the globalization, from north to South Asia the establishment of more than 10 branches, to evade the anti-dumping barriers.

Has five consecutive years to participate in the new zheshang awards, director of the provincial department of science and technology, said James chow to see the new zheshang campaign was increasing influence of science and technology, the winning faces more and more young, the in the mind feel heartfelt happy."In witnessed a string 'science and technology of new zheshang's podium this five years, I deeply feel that, in zhejiang province on the hot piece of entrepreneurial innovation, technology innovation and technology entrepreneurs status more and more high, enterprise technology innovation motivation and ability more and more strong, innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem is getting better and better."

The name of 20 winners, transforming from traditional industries to the emerging industry is "second generation", also has a female don't let a man of female tech entrepreneurs, more is in the new energy, information technology, medicine, health, intelligent manufacturing, leader in the field of new materials and other strategic emerging industries.

"Science and technology new zheshang" campaign was founded in 2009, has held eight consecutive terms, become an important carrier of the business innovation and brand, become a great event in zhejiang business technology.In recent years, a string as science and technology of the new zheshang entrepreneurs play their respective in technology, capital, talent, experience and other aspects of resource advantages, has organized into, huzhou and zhoushan in wenzhou, yiwu and other places, docking cooperation with local government, enterprise, obtained many achievements of cooperation.As the first science and technology, the new zheshang maike and at the same time as the judge said that at present, the new zheshang "technology" has become a covers the major strategic emerging industry innovation alliance, by means of make contributions to the economic and social development of zhejiang province, to promote the innovation of zhejiang venture forward.

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