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2017 households with photovoltaic brand exhibition invitation

2017 Indoor PV Show Tour Invitation Beautiful Hangzhou Brand Expects to Meet You Zhejiang Province is the best and fastest growing residential PV market in the country and is a leader in the domestic PV market. Whether in the market norms, Planning, subsidies or application of models and other aspects in the country have a certain role model-based. However, the market for household use has just begun, and the cognition of the dealers and common people on the brand is still not clear. PV companies, industry organizations and governments need to strengthen the promotion of their brands while cultivating the main market to prevent the bad Currency flooding good currency, after all, the brand is the guarantee of quality. To this end, PGO and China Household Lighting Brand Alliance decided by the study, the nationwide PV brand roving exhibition is scheduled for December 15-16, 2017 held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, and held a national household photovoltaic distribution Business promotion conference, focused on promoting brand image, to jointly cultivate the market, the same period held in 2017 China household photovoltaic business model innovation award ceremony. Beisheng Smart Home is controlled by Beisheng Zhejiang Beisheng Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd., which provides excellent solar power system solutions for ordinary families, including customer consultation, site survey, program design, grid reporting, construction, commissioning and acceptance, Data monitoring, after-sales service and a series of full-service, worry-free peace of mind users worry.
Exhibition Details & FAQ Time: December 15-16, 2017 Address: Hall 3B, Hangzhou International Exposition Center (Hall G20) ▣ Booth No .: T351

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