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Declaration of the Zhejiang provincial science and Technology Award for 2018

According to the notice of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of science and technology "on the 2018 annual Zhejiang provincial science and technology award work" (Zhejiang Branch into 2018 No. 1), our company "back project wide spectral mirror passivation of crystal silicon solar cell technology research report 2018 annual Zhejiang provincial science and technology award, the relevant circumstances of publicity as follows:
Project Name: Technology Research on wide spectral crystal silicon solar cell with back mirror passivation
Project introduction (innovation and main technical characteristics): this project focuses on polycrystalline silicon solar cells, the diffusion to edge etching, double-sided passivation, and back reflection principle research, through the enhancement of cell surface reflection on long wavelength, reduce cell recombination rate of photogenerated carriers, so as to improve the surface passivation effect. At the same time with the equipment introduction, technology innovation, screen design, and the application of new materials, improve the short-circuit current of polycrystalline silicon solar cell sheet (Isc), open circuit voltage (Uoc), fill factor (FF) and electrical performance index, so as to improve the conversion efficiency of the battery.
The main complete person: Qiu Xiaoyong, Lu Bo, Zhao Qingguo, Yu Huijiang, Chen Zuogeng, Yao Qi,Chen Yangquan, Ma Feixiang, Jin Delin, He Yifeng, Wang Yanping
Main completion unit: Zhejiang besheng photovoltaic Limited by Share Ltd
The main economic and social benefits: the research results of this project has been successfully applied to the project of enterprise production, production technology and related research work of the project carried out directly in the production workshop, downstream customers - these products by the battery plate of solar battery components factory of good evaluation. The development of this project and the settlement of some common technical problems in the production process of solar panels will have a profound impact on China's solar panel industry, and at the same time, it will also bring huge economic benefits to the company.

During the period of March 8, 2017 - March 18th, if there is any objection during this period, please contact Xu Danmei and contact the phone: 0572-2552173.


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March 7, 2018

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