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The research and development of polycrystalline silicon tube PECVD coating film

The development of  high efficiency solar cell plays an important role in grid parity of solar power generation in future and large-scale civilian use. The research personnel organized in 2014 developed the process of double reduction, passivation, the passivation of the ultrathin oxide layer and the influence factors of the warping of the battery chip and improved electrical performance indicators  of polycrystalline silicon solar cells such as Short circuit current (Isc), open circuit voltage (Uoc), fill factor (FF), lower series resistance (Rs) to improve the efficiency of solar cell conversion. Through nearly a year of technology development, product research and development has been completed and achieved the desired goal, also got the user's high praise, and completed the construction of the industrialization of the products.

Recently, through the application of the company, the economic and information commission of huzhou city hosted a acceptance meeting of “the research and development and industrialization of polycrystalline silicon tube PECVD coating film”.

The acceptance expert group is composed of the experts from Shanghai University Of Electric Power and Zhejiang electronic technology research institute. The expert group reviewed the project technical summary, the test report, and the audit report. The technical personnel of the company reported on the implementation of the project in detail and also reported the technical achievements of the project, as well as answered all the questions proposed by experts. After the discussion, the expert group believed that the project has completed the task specified in the plan and agreed to pass the inspection.

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