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Adhere to humanistic care; carry out professional physical examination

"People-oriented" is the company's core business philosophy, which is deeply integrated into the daily work of the company. When production line was just finished in 2010, the company began three system certification such as "quality management system", "occupational health and safety management system" and "environmental management system", which is strictly implemented in the long-term production and operation activities.

Occupational health and safety management systems are most closely related to employees in three major management systems. This standard is one of the most important management system standards issued and implemented since the quality management system and environmental management system from 2001. As well as the quality management system and environmental management system standard, the standard has also been used in all walks of life across the country to carry out the relevant occupational health and safety management system certification.

The occupational safety and health management system (OHSAS) is a modern safety management model developed internationally in the late 1980s, which is a systematic, programmatic and highly self-disciplined, self-improvement scientific management system. Its core is the requirement of enterprises to adopt modern management mode, so that all production and business operation activities, including all scientific, standardized and effective production safety management, and establish a safety and health risk prevention to prevent and control occupational hazard accidents. This is consistent with the basic working principle of " safety first, precaution crucial " in our country and is safe production management system adopted by large multinational corporations in the present market economy which has high scientific, security and effectiveness. Its core standard, OHSAS18001, is the standard for the certification of occupational safety and health management.

On November 9, the company invited a professional organization in Hangzhou to have a professional health checkup for employees and managers. The medical examination has achieved the full coverage of the production line, with a wide range of points, long lines and a wide range. In response to this feature, the company and its operations department are mobilizing, actively planning and carefully organizing. In order to facilitate the employee, the company and the medical check-up unit communicate, all move the equipment to the company. Many employees were given a physical examination that day. The whole process of the examination was orderly and reasonable, and was completed successfully in all departments’s cooperation.

With the development of the enterprise and the improvement of the living standards of the employees, health is more and more important to the enterprise and the staff. The company is committed to humanist and caring employees. Through the physical examination activity, the employee can master the health condition in time, enhance the their health awareness and improve the efficiency of the work.

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