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Municipal new energy major science and technology programe “the research of 156 polycrystalline silicon solar cell type” passed expert acceptance

On November 12, experts from research institutes and intermediaries such as Huzhou industrial design and manufacturing institute, Huzhou new energy technology institute, inspected strictly to municipal new energy major science and technology programe “the research of 156 polycrystalline silicon solar cell type” by Beyondsun photovoltaic. Lu Bo, chief technical engineer of Beyondsun photovoltaic, was reporting the development of technique to experts in details.

In the production of polycrystalline silicon solar cell, Polycrystalline silicon surface texture (wool) plays an important role in reducing surface reflection, and is one of effective means to improve surface photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells.

So how to control the process of making the wool to abtain the small and uniform pile and the high density of the suede is still the problem in PV industry and need to be solved. With the development of the velvet technology, the velvet additive was born. It controls the velveteen process well, making it even more manageable. Also it can avoid the large size of the pile pit because of drastic reaction to abtain small and uniform suede surface with low reflectivity, which enhances light absorption.

The project completed the collection of market and technical information before the project was established and made research plan. Research and development team was built according to project’s requirement. R&D resources required, including personnel, equipment, materials, funds, are prepared after the project is established. According to project requirements, development task has been broken down and a phased plan goal has been made.

The technical research work is carried out directly in the production workshop, and is continuously improved combined with the feedback of the actual production line. After finish, the batch product has been praised by the downstream customer of the battery chip factory. The product is inspected by the national solar PV product quality supervision and inspection center. Index measured is met and exceeded the standard requirements.

The acceptance experts all agreed that the size of the pile is small, making the coating color more uniform, reducing the reflectivity and increasing the absorption of the battery, which eventually achieve the goal of improving efficiency of photoelectric conversion. The expert group concluded that the project had met the requirements of the program appointment book and approved the project.

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